The Attack Pet gives you the possibility to cause additional damage in the PvM area. It can be equipped in addition to the normal pet and the level pet. It always does a certain percentage of the damage that your character does. The percentage increases with the level of your Attack Pet up to 25% at the maximum level 20.  


The offline shop system gives you the opportunity to offer your items for sale. The duration of the shop can be extended with special items. The shop can be edited from everywhere and your Yang can be paid out everywhere. This gives you maximum flexibility when trading.


The multi farm block system allows you to receive drops with a maximum of two characters. You can be logged in with more than two characters at a time (for example to switch), but only the first two you logged in will receive drops or deal damage at all. This is to give all players the same options without being forced to farm with 10 characters.


You can get a levelpet from every monster and boss. It can be equipped in addition to the normal pet and attack pet. You can develop it to the maximum level 40. At the beginning it has 3 bonuses, every 10 levels another bonus is added. With each levelup you get status points, which you can distribute to the bonuses. At the end you can maximize all 7 bonuses (there are PvM and PvP bonuses). There will be special items to switch the bonuses and reset the status points.

Get 10.000 Coins

for 10,00 Euro

Get 25.000 Coins

for 25,00 Euro.

Get 60.000 Coins

for 50,00 Euro.

Get 140.000 Coins

for 100,00 Euro.